Composition Of Hair

97% of the hair is protein and 3% is moisture. This strong fiber protein calles as KERATİN, not only helps the hair toughen, but it also gets involved in our nail structure and as for animals; in the structure of claws, horns and fur.

What is the meaning of this?

A-) Every type of hair, is an extremely strong and flexible fiber. Moreover, this fiber has also a complex structure which is imperiled easily due to any actions or chemicals we apply on our hair (washing, toweling, blow-drying, hot perm, chemical allochromy and structure change).

B-) Another feature that needs to be searched in your hair, is its porosity or the ability to absorb and hold the moisture. A healthy hair has the ability to absorb liquid up to 50% of its weight under the water, and a bunch of hair can swell up to 120% of its normal diameter. A normal hair has pores in the levels varying from non-porous to less porous and the most porous. When the hair is damaged, it loses several layers from the preventive section, and becomes over-porous. Therefore, this means that the hair is worn out and it needs external care.

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