It is the procedure of removing the follicles from the neck in strips varying 1-1,5 at width and 10-15 cm at length, and decomposing these into follicular units under the microscope. The part extracted as stripe, is sewed up with special surgical sutures and the stitch here, will be extracted 15 days later. There might be pain felt on this spot during and after the recovery.

Generally, the patients cannot lie down on their heads for 15 days. After the sewing, there will be scars left on the neck between two ears, whose thickness vary from person to person. This scar can be seen when the hair is shingled. The grafts prepared in FUT method, include single, double, triple, rarely quadruple and quinary hair folliculus. This grouping already exists in the natural structure of the hair, and must not be disrupted. If the grafts always include quadruple and quinary hair folliculus and if there is a far distance between the folliculus, the image of a grass man will appear and this will disturb the patients quite a lot. If fut method is applied before and such an image appears, it is possible to eliminate this by applying one session of fut method. This old method is applied when it is not possible to use fue method. The graft cannot not extracted from some patients by fue method, because hair follicles of these patients are deep-seated or they have curly hair inside the tissue; if such condition is in question, it will be more appropriate to apply fut method. For the patients who get too much scar after fut method, we narrow the scar by scar revision method, then transplant the hairs on this scar, and make the scar look less visible.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplantation Method

  • Because the hairs are transplanted in groups, the most natural hair growth is ensured. As the canals opened in the transplanted area, are smaller; a more dense hair transplantation is provided.
  • Hair follicles decomposed in microscopic environment, are also decomposed from unnecessary tissues and, a thinner and a shapelier hair transplantation is ensured.
  • Because the canals opened in FUT technique are smaller, elastic collagen fibers inside the tissue, will be protected. Thus, after the transplantation; the graft will be placed inside the canal more healthily, and then it combines with the tissue.
  • In FUT method, surrounding solid hair follicles are not harmed in any way in the course of opening the canal. Thus, it will be easier to thicken the hair for the patients whose hairs are not lost entirely.

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