Hair Growing

The number of hairs on human head, differs from person to person depending on many factors such as hair color, racial characteristics, age etc. It is 90.000 on redheads, 108.000 on brunettes, and approximately 140.000 on the light-skinned and the blonde. It scales down to 80.000 on Far easterns.

In the measurements carried out using Trichograms, it is found out that an adult with no hair loss, has approximately 200-300 hair strings available (90-110 follicular unit on average) on his/her hairy tissue. This rate scales down to 150 hair strings on the side areas of the head. Our hairs are always in the state of regeneration from birth to death. Hair loss can experience increase and decrease depending on the seasons. An increase in hair loss might be observed particularly in Spring, but with a more characteristic ratio in Autumn. It is considered that this loss depends on the decrease in the melatonin level constituted by the decrease in the level of daylight.

In this natural cycle of the hair, some of our hair grows and some gets thin. These tacky follicles (telogen phase) start growing (anagene phase) after a certain period of rest. Hairs in the anagene phase contain 85% of the entire hair. It is the period of hair growing. It lasts for 3-4 years. Growth in the catagen phase stops, the hair starts thinning, but there is no loss yet. This lasts for 2-3 weeks. It contains 3-4% of the entire hair on the head. Hairs in the telogene phase gets thinner and stars losing. It contains 15% of the entire hair It lasts approximately 2-3 weeks, then new hair strings start growing from the hair follicle. As it can be understood from this natural period, our hair loses once 3-4 years, then the new hairs start growing. This is why 60-80 hair strings are lost in a day. This period goes also for the newly transplanted hairs.

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