So-Ep’s Difference

In SO-EP Aesthetics and Beauty Center, our motto is indefinite beauty for everyone. In fact, this explains many things. Today, many centers are operated by non-experts with commercial purposes. Therefore, as the procedures carried out are limited, there will always be something missing. For instance, filling and botox can only provide partial improvement on the face. However, the addition of a small surgery might solve the problem completely. Our center contains 6 different lasers in itself. These lasers are used for particularly epilation, stain treatment, tattoo removal, capillary vessel treatment and skin rejuvenation.

Is one laser enough in a center?

Not exactly. One laser is not enough even for only laser epilation alone. There must be at least 2-3 lasers in the epilation. Hair color, skin color, skin structure are of vital importance in the epilation. Therefore, you must have more than one machine for effective private laser epilation.

What else is there available in SO-EP Aesthetics and Beauty Center apart from lasers?

In our center, all the units are separated and each is situated on a different floor. Apart from lasers, there are aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, weight-loss and skin care units. We are also considering to open different units in time.

What is it that you do for sectional loss of weight?

In sectional loss of weight, we have a latest technology radiofrequency infrared vacuum and massage device. It is confirmed by FDA that, this device provides significant thinning, and it is possible become 5-15 cm slimmer in 6 sessions. We also possess a device called as cavitation which has become quite popular in recent years. In addition, diet-sports is one of the indispensable elements of weight-loss and health. We recommend our patients to get involved in sports activities. Apart from this, we are also performing lipolysis, isometric exercise and mesotherapy. These are the methods of losing weight without surgery. Our recommendation for the patients who are unable to benefit from these, is liposuction treatment. And this is also a widespread procedure.

Which aesthetic surgeries do you perform most in SO-EP Aesthetics and Beauty Center?

The surgery we perform the most, is nose remodeling and hair transplantation. Nose modeling can be applied after the age of 17 on every healthy individual who has a nasal problem. Apart from this, the second most frequent procedure is chest aesthetics and liposuction.

In addition; abdominoplasty surgeries, face lifting surgeries, ear plasty, eyelid plasty, hair transplantation and chin plasty surgeries are also performed frequently. Briefly, whatever happens in the world, also happens here.

A new concept called as lunch-plasty has been developed, does such a thing really exist?

It is possible to undergo 5-10 minutes operations in very short periods, and to return your work and home right after the procedure. For instance, it is possible to apply botox on the forehead and eye contours, and to apply fillings on the nose and lips. It is possible for you to look 5-10 ages younger in 15 minutes.

Are there any surgeries that are performed in only SO-EP Aesthetics and Beauty Center?

For instance; face lifting, nape lifting surgeries, FUE hair transplantation which is a new method, and aesthetic chin surgeries are performed in our centers at the most. In addition, we are performing approximately 400-500 nose remodeling and 50-100 silicon surgeries, and hundreds of liposuction operations.

How is the patient satisfaction after the surgery?

We are rendering a world class health service. Therefore, patient satisfaction here, is almost the same with the best centers of the world. For instance; patient satisfaction for aesthetic nose remodeling surgery is 90% in the best centers of the world. For us, this rate goes up to 98%.

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